With Tree Talon you can retrieve dropped gear without having to leave your tree stand!  

1. Attach rope prior to use

2. Adjust foot height (to avoid grabbing leaves)

3. Raise pivoting talon/arm to 90°

4. Pull up on rope to set trigger

5. Lower Tree Talon so it lands next to dropped item. Impact with ground will release talon/arm

1. Cock it.
2. Lower it.
3. Retrieve it.

Imagine dropping your grunt tube when you need it most - just after using it to get the attention of Mr. Big! Now what? You can't climb down from your stand or the buck will see you. But, you very well might be able to retrieve it with the Tree Talon.

And, who hasn't dropped a glove or hat or release? With Tree Talon you no longer have to go through the hassle of unhitching your safety harness and climbing down. Don't climb down, send the Tree Talon!

Tree Talon is not a gimmick, but a highly engineered tool for the tree stand hunter that solves a common problem. A hand-tuned roller-bearing, stainless steel lock plate and six other stainless steel parts make up Tree Talon's mechanics. With Tree Talon you can retrieve dropped gear without leaving your stand. Simply cock it, lower it and, when it hits the ground, the impact activated “talon” grabs the dropped item and you pull it back up! Tree Talon is built to hold up to 35 lbs. Also use it to haul up your bow or pack!

  Use this product without a TMA certified Safety Harness.
  Stand or reach out excess-ively when using Tree Talon.
  Continue use of this product if you experience dizziness when looking down.
  Use this product to retrieve loaded firearms or ammunition.